UK Home Minister assesses unrest in Leicester and talks with Muslim and Hindu community leaders

community leaders in Leicester and gave them assurances that the perpetrators of recent violent confrontations will face the full weight of the law. The Indian-origin Cabinet member was informed on the significant disruption that has led to 47 arrests by the head of the Leicestershire Police as well as representatives from the city’s mosques and temples on Thursday while visiting the eastern English city.

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The cycle of violence began on August 28 when a brawl broke out on Melton Road, Belgrave, following India’s victory over Pakistan in the Asia Cup T20 match. Videos of a group of young men attempting to vandalise a Hindu temple nearby have appeared on social media. The event comes after a wave of violence and chaos in the city’s east.


As soon as she returned, Braverman tweeted, “I met with Leicestershire Police officers, the Temporary Chief Constable for Leicestershire, and local community leaders to discuss measures being done to safeguard local citizens and restore safety and peace in Leicester.”

“We’ll work on this together, and I’ll do all in my power to help the locals and the police. The entire weight of the law will be used against those who bring chaos and thuggery to our streets, and I appreciate all those courageous police officers for keeping us secure “She spoke.


The Home Secretary stated that she had also talked to the West Midlands Police Commissioner about allegations of a demonstration by masked men outside a temple in Birmingham earlier this week and that the situation there is still being watched.


“Today, I also had a conversation with West Midlands Police Chief Constable Dave Thompson. I’m still keeping an eye on things and appreciate the police’s professional handling “She spoke

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