Underrated Zombie Movies You May Not Have Seen

There have been legends of living people becoming attacked by undead creatures from way before, when oral storytelling was all the trend. Since the popularity of zombie films has grown, viewers have developed a strong love for the gruesome genre, and directors have managed to keep things interesting by introducing the living dead to new humorous and tragic settings, and many realistic zombie movies were made. The wandering dead are a recurring theme in the film, from The Walking Dead to Zombielandand viewers’ appetite for more flesh-eating zombies on the silver screen isn’t going anywhere in the near future.

Modern audiences wouldn’t identify the first zombie because it was rooted in the supernatural world rather than the afterlife. After Romero popularized the notion of the dead coming alive with a need for knowledge, other directors widely embraced it. They added humor and sarcasm to the equation, and as a result, there are now so many diverse zombie-related films that the genre is still among the most popular in horror. Given popular demand, there will inevitably be some blockbusters and some flops, but there are also some fantastic hidden films amid the best zombie films and the worst scare fests.


8 Fido (2006)

Fidoa Canadian zombie film that was launched in 2006featured a well-known ensemble and an intriguing storyline. The human race overcame the zombie outbreak and prevailed. Zombies could now serve humanity as servants thanks to a technology that was created for them to don. But when the machinery starts to break down, a huge plot is revealed.

Fido, a zombie played by Billy Connolly, is under the authority of Timmy, a little child, and the parents, the zombie-phobic Bill and his spouse Helen.

7 Dance of the Dead (2008)

In Dance of the Deada high school dance goes horribly wrong when the undead appear to dine on teenage couples, leaving the lone kids as their last chance at life. The movie forgoes the more blatant horror in favor of the cheeky humor expected of a teen comedy of the period, less ominous creatures, and people with whom viewers may actually connect. Dance of the Dead is a movie one shouldn’t miss because of its intriguing perspective on the theme.

6 Pontypool (2008)

Pontypool is a brazen, courageous, and fantastic horror picture from 2008but some viewers could be turned off by the fact that there isn’t much on-screen zombie fighting. Pontypool features a radio DJ while he reports on a zombie epidemic and guards himself within the booth, and attempting to come up with a solution to inform his audience about the infection and its improbable manner of spreading. It depicts language as a virus.

Pontypool is a small-scale, probing film that will challenge the preconceptions of what a zombie movie can be. It also contains a generous amount of undead terror and disturbance.

5 Flight of the Living Dead (2007)

Chaos is caused aboard a flight to Paris by a virus that transforms the deceased into zombies in the film Flight of the Living Dead. The few surviving passengers battle to remain alive as the virus replicates and affects passengers. With its humor, crazy adventure, and quirky characters, Flight of the Living Dead is a rare find that can be watched as a zombie thriller. This film demonstrates that humor may occasionally coexist with the fear in zombie flicks.

4 The Girl with All the Gifts (2016)

The Girl with All the Giftsa 2016 film inspired by Mike Carey’s remarkable novelwas released to little acclaim while deserving a much positive outcome. The movie, which unfolds after the zombie outbreak, is about a military compound where kids are given classes while the veterans go out and kill zombies.

What makes this story unique is that the kids are second-gen zombies. They can be controlled, interact, and understand, but they may still lose control when they detect the whiff of people. The big draw is that Melanie, a zombie kid, and her initial lack of understanding that she is a zombie serve as the protagonist.

3 The Beyond (1981)

The Beyondwhich takes place in 1920s Louisiana, follows New Yorker and all-around gorgeous Liza as she moves to the Bayou Land, acquires a run-down hotel, encounters a blind woman, goes out shopping, and unintentionally unlocks one of the seven gateways to Hell. From then, a violent, unrelenting flood of gory wounds, guts oozing from acid-burned flesh, and plenty of voracious zombie goodies unfold.

Even though The Beyond is extremely strange, it’s unquestionably among the best-underappreciated zombie movies to watch and Fulci’s best work to date.

2 Versus (2000)

Versus masterfully captures the surrealistic style of Japanese thriller setting up the main conflict of the story very quickly on without providing much background before spiraling it out and leading the viewers on a crazy, maniacal zombie excursion. A woman, a fugitive prisoner, and criminals are mysteriously stuck within the Japanese Forest of Resurrection when people who were formerly dead and buried there come to life as undead. While the movie does a better job of skimming around the real zombies than a typical zombie film does, it nearly compensates for it with crazy martial arts acrobatics, jaw-dropping sword fights, and a healthy dose of humor for extra effect.

1 The Night Of The Living Dead (1990)

The Night of the Living Dead by Tom Savini has failed to draw in a sizable audience throughout the years since it is a recreation of what is undoubtedly the most well-known zombie ever made film. It follows what transpires after seven survivors seek safety in a home in the Pennsylvanian region when the unburied corpses come back to life and start looking for humans. The group disagrees on the best way to handle the issue, though, so they split up. A remarkable performance from dread icon Tony Todd makes the 1990s movie a deserving remake of the original title. The graphic effects and cinematic makeup maestro Tom Savini assure that the zombies look extremely horrifying throughout the film. It is one of the best black horror movies.

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