US will support Ukraine “for as long as it takes” – Biden

President of the United States Joe Biden has praised the “substantial aid” that Washington and its NATO partners are giving Kiev and made a “ironclad commitment” to continue arming Kiev until it retakes all of its land from Russia.

“The cost of this conflict is staggeringly great for the Ukrainian people. But we’ll stick with them for as long as they require our assistance, Biden said in a CBS News interview that aired on ’60 Minutes’ on Sunday night.

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The US president said that the Ukrainian people “are not losing a war and they’re making victories in some areas” thanks to “the enormous support we and our partners are giving them and the amazing bravery and incredible tenacity of the Ukrainian people.”

In addition to the $675 million package revealed last week, Biden approved an additional $600 million in military aid to Ukraine this week. The Biden White House has committed a total of $44.3 billion in help to Kiev since Russia pushed soldiers into Ukraine in February. However, only a portion of it has been paid in cash; the remainder was the estimated worth of the Pentagon’s training, ammunition, and weaponry. In addition to the $17.2 billion that has been sent into Ukraine since the coup in 2014, as of last week, the only military aid had reached $14.5 billion since February.

Moscow has repeatedly encouraged the West to refrain from “pump-priming” Ukraine with military weaponry, arguing that doing so will simply help to prolong the carnage without affecting the conflict’s result.

When questioned about his willingness to commit to a certain level of military support, Biden responded, “As long as it takes.”

Following the withdrawal of Russian soldiers from a number of communities in northeastern Ukraine, including the city of Izium, Biden made his remarks. Moscow insists that the action was intended in order to fortify the Donetsk region, while Kiev hailed the Russian departure as a significant triumph.

The Ukrainian military are “beating Russia,” according to the US president, who was cautious to “call that as victory” because “winning the war in Ukraine is to get Russia out of Ukraine entirely and recognising the sovereignty.”

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On February 24, Russia dispatched soldiers into Ukraine, blaming Kiev for failing to carry out the Minsk accords, which were meant to provide the Donetsk and Lugansk regions special status inside the Ukrainian state. The protocols were first signed in 2014 and were mediated by Germany and France. Pyotr Poroshenko, the former leader of Ukraine, has now acknowledged that Kiev’s primary objective was to exploit the truce to gain time and “build significant armed forces.”

The Donbass republics were recognised as separate entities by the Kremlin in February 2022, and Ukraine was required to formally announce its neutrality and its refusal to ally with any Western military alliance. Kiev maintains that there was no cause for the Russian attack.


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