Users will be able to share other people’s posts on their feeds once Instagram launches its new “reposts” function.

According to The Verge, Instagram is developing a new feature that would let users to share other people’s posts directly from their feeds without first taking a screenshot and then reposting it. Additionally, Instagram is changing the cross-platform sharing choices. As opposed to direct-to-DM sharing, which is TikTok’s method, it is now simpler to share the post on Snapchat, Messenger, or WhatsApp.

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As part of its apparent gradual metamorphosis into TikTok, Instagram recently scaled back a test that sought to transform the app toward an AI-Powered stream of full-screen images and video in response to fierce opposition, according to The Verge.



According to TechCrunch, social media strategist Matt Navarra noticed this “repost” capability on Wednesday after posting photographs in a Twitter thread. Instagram users are not entirely new to sharing someone else’s post for the benefit of their own followers. Users can only share public content to their Instagram Story or through direct messaging for their followers.

This feature will be similar to Twitter retweets or the well-liked Facebook and Tumblr reshares that are currently being tested on TikTok.

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