VFX Supervisor for The Boys Teases “Unseeable” Things in Season 4


If there is one thing The Boys is not known for it is being subtle. After the eye-opening debut of seasons 3 on Amazon Prime earlier this year, which was followed several episodes later by the long-awaited, if a little limp, Herogasm, there is a real question of whether the series can keep up its shock value in season 4. However, with the new episodes filming now, one member of the crew shared some insight into things continuing to be just as unbelievable as even when the series makes its return to Amazon Prime Video next year.

The Boys has always courted controversy, whether it is for gratuitous violence, scenes of aquatic beastiality, or the inclusion of a particularly graphic scene that was described by many as a true ball-buster. Even though it seems that Eric Kripke’s superhero parody may have finally found its lowest level, fans should maybe expect things to become even more depraved in the coming season if VFX supervisor Stephen Fleet’s comments on Twitter are anything to go by. In a post, Fleet simply said:


“My eyes can’t unsee what I just saw right now.”


Fans of the series, and those who follow Fleet on social media, will remember that he was the one who shared images of a super-sized penis that was built for the series, so it is fair to say his eyes have seen quite a bit already, and that can only make you wonder what is coming next. At the time, Fleet posted an image of himself with the huge creation, commenting:

“It’s not often in life I get permission to post a picture of myself arms akimbo in front of a giant d*ck and three lines of coke.”


Jeffrey Dean Morgan Finally Joins The Boys in Season 4


After attempting to get the Supernatural and Walking Dead star on board for years, The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke finally managed to align shooting with Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s schedule to get him into the series. Having already played Negan, a character who entered The Walking Dead with a love of beating folks to death with a baseball bat, Morgan is used to playing characters who are not exactly pillars of society, so his inclusion in The Boys seems almost destined to have happened at some point.

Of course, Kripke also worked with Morgan and last season’s The Boys newcomer Jensen Ackles on the earlier seasons of Supernatural, and he previously hinted at a reunion being on the cards. While that will certainly be a moment for fans of both franchises, Kripke has also previous revealed his hopes to make the reunion complete by also having Jared Padalecki appear in The Boys at some point.

The Boys new season is filming now, but doesn’t yet have a set release date beyond “sometime in 2023”. It will also be joined by the new Gen-V spin-off series, and a second series of animated spin-off, The Boys Presents: Diabolical. For now, the first three seasons are available on Prime Video, along with the first season of The Boys Presents: Diabolical.

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