Watch: At Rizwan’s request, the umpire signalled for a review, and Babar Azam said, “I am the captain.”

Asia Cup 2022: A humorous occurrence occurred in the final game of the Super-4 round between PV and SL. In the 16th over of Sri Lanka’s innings, the umpire reviewed the call at the request of Pakistani wicketkeeper Mohammad Rizwan, and as a result, Babar Azam was heard declaring, “I am the captain,” which is now rapidly going viral on social media.

For Pakistan, Hasan Ali was bowling the 16th over. Pathum Nisanka’s bat just missed his first delivery, which was caught by wicketkeeper Rizwan. Here, Rizwan presented a compelling argument. Rizwan made a request for a review when the umpire failed to award out. The umpire then requested review of his judgement. However, in accordance with the regulations, the umpire must transmit his verdict for review only after the captain makes a gesture. However, the Pakistani captain was not consulted when the umpire made this decision. Babar’s response to this was unexpected. This evaluation of the Pak team was ultimately damaged as well.

By 5 wickets, Sri Lanka prevailed.

The Pakistani side, who batted first in this game, was limited to just 121 runs. The Pakistani batters were unable to complete all 20 overs in this situation. For just two runs in response, Sri Lanka also lost two wickets. The batters, however, batted carefully following this and reached the goal in 17 overs. By a margin of 5 wickets, Sri Lanka won this game.

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