Weekly Tarot Card Readings: Horoscope from August 21 to August 27


It is a good time to begin new relationships and nurture your existing relationships; however, there is a need to create a balance between personal life and work matters. Pay attention to practical issues and ensure that your emotional needs are met. Finances will be stable but keep a close watch on your income and expenditures. The signing of contracts & documents is indicated. Job interviews and negotiations will be successful.

You may begin to distance yourself from the relationship and think of regaining control & rebuilding your life. Whatever the situation would be best to embrace it and make a fresh start instead of resisting and making the transition more difficult. Professionally, it’s time to transform your dreams into reality, manifest your goals, and realise your potential. Financial gains and business expansion are indicated.

There will be love, commitment and partnership based on shared values and interests. Entering a mutually beneficial partnership with a friend or a business associate is indicated. You and your partner will have mutual respect and understanding for one another & your bond will be strengthened. There will be financial stability, and you will care for your expenses. Be practical with money and wise with expenses.

Your relationship is secure, happy and fulfilled. There will be romance and commitment in your relationship. For singles, you are emotionally ready, and it is a great time to meet new people. Engagement or marriage is on the cards for those looking at settling down. Your hard work pays off in work and business. Some positive and useful information about a job, contract or property is coming your way. Be ready to take action as you see the opportunity. Don’t trust others with your money and finances.

The stressful period in your work or career may be getting over. If your work life has been bothersome, it will get settled. There will be financial stability, but keep an eye on expenses and be responsible while spending. You are full of enthusiasm to explore new opportunities. You will be meeting new people and catching up with friends. You may plan a leisure holiday to come out of boredom and routine.

Make a plan, and get going. It is a great week to take on new initiatives or start a new venture. You will stand out in your field of work, gain prominence, and your efforts will be recognised. You are in a stable financial condition and know how to manage your money well. You may face disappointment and emotional agony because of relationships. Friendships may break, or you might distance yourself from someone close.

There will be a sense of positivity and energy in your work and personal life. There will be love, optimism and energy in your relationship. You will be meeting new people and friends and expanding your social circle. At work, your ideas will be well accepted, and you will have the strength to execute your plans. Your relationship with your colleagues will be cordial, and you’ll support them. You will be able to make sound financial decisions based on careful planning.

You could receive positive news about your job or work. You need to take some time to put clear plans in place, work on a strategy and think about how you can achieve your dreams and goals. Be open-minded and explore the opportunity that comes your way. Be practical and realistic with money and expenses. You will better understand your lover, and your bond will likely be strengthened. Someone will seek your advice, confide in you, and trust you with their secrets.

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You may feel overworked with too many things to do and handle on the domestic front. You will be responsible and committed in your relationship, but it may be demanding at this point, and your partner may seek more of your time and attention. At work, new partnerships and the beginning of new projects are indicated. Put your plans into action and stay focussed on your work. There will be financial stability & success, but you must explore the available opportunities.

You will try to resolve disputes and differences within the family or with your partner. Be supportive of your partner. A lover may seek your time and attention that you can’t ignore. Your financial worries are set to get resolved. There could be a disappointment at work or related to your job, thus making you move away from an undertaking or abandon some work.

This week is about emotional contentment, love & harmony, and a happy time for family and couples. Whatever you have been working on will come together; there will be stability and comfort in life. There will be peace and harmony in relationships. You will surround yourself with friends and spend quality time with your family. New job or financial opportunities will come your way but plan your move carefully and spend wisely.

The work environment will get better; there will be support from seniors. Collaboration with like-minded professionals will help you finish your task or achieve a goal. Reconnect with your old associations. You may consider returning to doing something you did previously. There will be progress in your relationship, and exciting times for you & your partner are foreseen. Your relationship will move forward quickly, with you taking equal initiative. Travel with family or loved ones are indicated.


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