WhatsApp to soon block from taking screenshots of view once messages


New Delhi: Many of WhatsApp’s features give users privacy while still enabling them to share content for a short period of time. The messaging app does offer additional features like the ability to delay sending messages for up to two days, but its main goal is to give users a sense of security. The most recent change may bring users yet more significant relief.

Users can share photos or videos that can only be viewed once using WhatsApp’s view-once feature. The problem with this feature is that people were able to take a screenshot of that content and save it on their device after it was made unavailable for viewing.

The function is being worked on for both the iOS and Android versions, according to the information provided by WABetainfo. Once the tests have produced results, WhatsApp will make the option available to beta testers, and then we can anticipate confirmation of the public release.

It is crucial to prevent people from taking screenshots of view-once messages; otherwise, the feature’s entire purpose is lost. Having said that, we prefer WhatsApp to block screenshots and notify the user on the other end in order to have an impact.

Additionally, WhatsApp recently released a number of updates that give you access to more features. Now available to both iOS and Android smartphone users worldwide is the ability to have a WhatsApp message remain unsent for up to 2 days. In the upcoming weeks, the messaging app will receive additional privacy tools from the Meta-owned platform.

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