Why Indians cannot utilise the new tweet editing function that Twitter is launching

The ability to modify tweets could soon be a reality. Twitter admitted that it is testing this capability before making it available to users in a blog post. The feature is now being tested on a small number of users, according to the microblogging platform, and will soon be made available. For the time being, only certain users will have access to the edit feature.

The business may have adopted it to stop individuals from abusing the tool by quickly modifying the text of a tweet, even though it seems ample for fixing typos, uploading media assets, or adding some tags.

According to Twitter, editing of tweets will soon be possible, but there will be a deadline. Users will only have 30 minutes to alter a tweet after it is posted. Only five modifications are permitted per tweet, and you must submit them within the given time frame.

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Your tweet history will be available to the public. Each “Edited Tweet” will include a label, timestamp, and icon, according to Twitter. According to the company, pressing the label will take readers to the Tweet’s Edit History, which comprises prior revisions of the Tweet. Readers may therefore readily notice that the original Tweet has been altered.

But not everyone will be able to use the functionality. Twitter has stated that those with a Twitter Blue membership will have initial access to the functionality. When this will be accessible to non-Blue customers is presently unknown. As the business gains more insight into how users are utilising the edit button functionality, it does have plans to roll it out to new areas. As a result, it’s quite possible that everyone will get it soon.

It’s vital to know that India lacks access to the Blue membership option. The US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are among the few countries that provide the function.

Your use of this social media platform will be improved by the Twitter Blue subscription, which is effectively a paid membership. This is quite similar to how Telegram works. Just a few months ago, the messaging platform unveiled a subscription-based service with certain premium features, including support for bigger file uploads and quicker downloads.

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