Why Pete Davidson Is a King of the Cameo


Spoiler Warning: The Suicide Squad (2021) & Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022)

Everyone enjoys a cameo. It is always a pleasant surprise when you are watching your favorite show or seeing the newest blockbuster when a beloved celebrity pops in for a brief appearance. Who didn’t love seeing Stan Lee, the brilliant creative mind behind countless Marvel Comics, showing up in MCU films as all manner of minor characters? In today’s celebrity-centric media landscape, cameos have become more prevalent than ever. It seems that not a simple piece of entertainment can be released without an unrelated A-lister making an appearance.


Cameos are generally played for comedic effect, so it makes sense the contemporary master of cameos would be a comedian. Pete Davidsonsince he was cast on Saturday Night Live all the way back in 2014, has become one of the most popular funnymen in entertainment. His humorous styling is a reflection of his laid-back attitude, and the comedian’s apparent apathy regarding his own success and stardom has endeared audiences everywhere.

In recent years, Davidson has been taking on more movie roles, though his characters often only appear for a brief period of time, despite the fact that he is often featured heavily in the project’s marketing. Nevertheless, he always makes the most of his screen time and never exits a film without getting a couple of laughs out of the audience. Here is why Pete Davidson is the king of the cameo.

Betrayal Gets Blackguard a Bullet in The Suicide Squad

One of the most noteworthy Pete Davidson cameos came in DC’s Suicide Squad. In the film, he portrayed a mercenary named Blackguard. His face was splattered over movie posters, in the trailers, and in other promotional materials, which served to make his character’s death all the more unexpected (and frankly, hilarious).


In the very first moments of the titular Suicide Squad’s mission, Blackguard reveals himself as a traitor, giving away his team’s position. Though he expected his betrayal to earn him favor with the Corto Maltese military, no such offer is extended, and Blackguard is instantly shot and killed, thus marking the end of Davidson’s very brief appearance in the film. His betrayal also results in many other Suicide Squad members being killed, including the vast majority of the villains who appeared in the film’s predecessor, 2016’s Suicide Squad.

Pete Davidson Dies a TikTok Death in Bodies Bodies Bodies bodies

Pete Davidson was undoubtedly the biggest star cast in the recently released film Bodies Bodies Bodies. Like in The Suicide Squadhe was a major facet of the film’s promotion, which left audiences surprised as they never saw his character’s demise coming. Following a blackout, Davidson’s David is found dead in a truly gruesome way. The discovery of David’s body begins the paranoia-laden manhunt that results in several deaths.


At the end of the film, it is revealed that David’s demise surrounded the making of a TikTok video. Much like in The Suicide Squadhis sudden death came as a complete surprise to moviegoers everywhere. In both films, Davidson’s fame makes his character’s deaths jarring. Any upcoming movies that the comedian appears in will see audiences wary as to the longevity of his characters.

Pete Davidson Makes Reality TV Cameos


Pete Davidson has become so talented at making cameo appearances that he has even begun to pop up in reality television universes. Fans of the comedian are familiar with his incredibly long list of high-profile partners. Most recently, he was in a relationship with the original influencer Kim Kardashian. Though the relationship is officially over, as even a cursory glance at any entertainment news source will tell you.

Davidson was featured in the first season of The Kardashiansthe most recent reality series chronicling the lives and times of America’s most famous family, though obviously, given the recent breakup, he will not be seen much in season two of the series. In a way, his involvement with The Kardashians can be viewed as yet another cameo, as his nonchalant demeanor, coupled with his tall, slumping frame, seemed completely out of place amidst the glitz and glamour of the family.

You know that an entertainer has become a household name when they begin to play themselves in projects, as Davidson will in an upcoming Lorne Michael’s Production, the tentatively titled Bupkis. Though the comedian has already been a part of many movies, there is likely a whole lot more Pete Davidson content yet to come, as it was recently announced that Davidson would no longer be an SNL cast member. As he continues to get more famous, media consumers can count on more classic Pete Davidson cameos in the future.

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