World’s tiniest parallel EV parking set by UK stunt driver – Watch


Parking in a tight spot is a task that requires precision and good control over your vehicle. The difficulty of the task increases multiple folds when a tight spot is combined with the situation of parallel parking. Most people might find the task nerve-wracking and probably might not be good at it. But things are different for a stunt driver named Paul Swift, who recently got his name on the Guinness Book of World Records after parking his Mini Cooper into a very tight parking spot between two cars.

To get the record, the Mini Cooper was parked in a spot between two cars only 30 cm or 11.8 inches longer than the car. How did he do it, you ask? Well, instead of using the methods that a normal person would use, he resorted to using the methods from the Fast and Furious movies. In simple words, he drifted his car in the space between two parallel parked cars to get the record. It is to be noted that the record-breaking stunt was performed at the British car show, and the video of the extraordinary feat is now taking over the internet.

The driver, Paul Swift, is quite good at the task because, on the first day of the Motor Show, Swift broke the record by parking in a gap of 13.8 inches. However, these are not the only records Swift has in his name. He also has the record for most donuts performed around a motorcycle doing a wheelie.


Alastair Moffatt of the United Kingdom broke the record for the tightest parallel park in 2020. Moffatt can be seen in the video of his record-breaking feat performing an evidently difficult reverse parallel parking manoeuvre as he parks his car into a small space, leaving only 34 cm between his car and those in front and back. Moreover, he also is a partner in creating a record of the tightest triple car parallel park.

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