Yamuna Expressway Toll rates increased by THIS amount, journey gets expensive


The Yamuna Expressway, which quintessentially connects the walled capital city of the country – Delhi to Agra, is a restricted entry expressway, and if nothing else, it has brought down the total journeys duration to just a couple of hours. While it has been news for a lot of reasons earlier, this time around, it is taking a spot in the headlines for the increased toll rates. Yes, the toll rate on the Yamuna Expressway has been hiked from 15 paise to Rs 3.25 per kilometer, depending on the type of vehicle used. After the 74th board meeting the controlling authority – Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA), announced the hike in toll fares for the 165 km-long expressway.

According to the new hikes, the rate of toll for car, jeep, van and light motor vehicles has been increased from Rs 2.50 per kilometer to Rs 2.65 kilometer. For light commercial vehicles, light goods vehicles or mini buses, it has been hiked from Rs 3.90 per kilometer to Rs 4.15 per kilometer, the YEIDA said in a statement.

Toll rates for bus or truck increased from Rs 7.90 per kilometer to Rs 8.45 per kilometer, it stated.


Toll for vehicles having three to six axles increased from Rs 12.05 per km to Rs 12.90 per kilometer, while that of large size vehicle and bigger vehicles changed from Rs 15.55 per kilometer to Rs 18.80 per kilometer, according to the statement.

“The concessionaire of the expressway has spent Rs 130.54 crore in works as per suggestions from the road safety audit of IIT Delhi,” the YEIDA said.

The toll rates of the Yamuna Expressway were last increased in 2021.

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