You can’t tell if I’m an opener or a finisher, according to Sanju Samson.

Since the T20 World Cup roster was revealed, debate has centred on the wicket-keeper batsman Sanju Samson. Sanju Samson’s followers are extremely unhappy that he was not selected for the World Cup roster. Sanju Samson broke the quiet on the subject by stating that it is getting increasingly tough to join Team India. Sanju said that it was improper to explain to others why you were unable to join the squad.

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Samson thinks that in order to be successful, a player must be adaptable. I’ve worked on taking on many jobs throughout the years, he claimed. I can easily bat anywhere in the batting order.

Sanju Samson said, “You shouldn’t confine yourself to one location. People cannot be informed if I am an opener or a finisher. My game has taken on a new depth as a result of the last three to four years of playing various roles.

Samson is expected to join the ODI team.

This 27-year-old athlete has so far participated in seven ODIs and sixteen T20 Internationals. He claimed that getting a berth in the Indian squad is difficult and that there is stiff competition. In answer to a query, Samson stated, “It has grown to be quite difficult. Getting a position on the Indian squad is quite difficult. The team’s players compete fiercely with one another. It’s crucial to put your attention on oneself when these things happen.

Starting on Thursday, Samson will captain India A in three List A matches against New Zealand A. Samson may also be selected for the three-match ODI series against South Africa that will take place next month.

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